Sunday, May 13, 2012

Harvey Botts Paints Pin Stripes

Harvey had an opening at Anya Tish last evening. I am amazed by what he paints. So fine, so meticulous, painting very narrow lines, both curved and absolutely straight. The lines look more like they are drawn, but no, ES says it's all paint. Said Harvey paints like he's putting pin stripes on a car. And actually, that is what he did years ago as part of making a living.

I immediately think of my brother John who has, on more than one
occasion, painted stripes on Trish's cars. Fancied them up a bit with odd color combinations.

Harvey's paintings are plays on geometry and color. Painstaking technical feats considering that his hands shake and he works the whole 'mind over matter' idea. Beautiful paintings and so many friends and patrons to share the evening.

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