Saturday, May 05, 2012

East End Festival

3000 and counting. Those are the numbers of folks the Greater East End District estimates walked into the festival by 3:00 this afternoon.  And the festival looked successful. Lots of people, food trucks, a band with an accordion that made me think of dancing (those were the days), a 'best taco in the world' contest. Weather was wonderful.
Here's Art Valdez, Mrs. Alvarado and Yolanda Alvarado and me. Below are Hedy Wolpa with the Greater East End District and board member Sonny Flores.

And here is Cris Reyna, who works for the district, with her grandson. And below are Jessica Hulsey and Gloria Moreno, working a booth.
Here's Joe Mepplelink or Metalabs. His firm has created special lighting for an East End trail that will be powered with solar panels. A first for the East End and a part of the district's Livable Centers program for the Second Ward area. Joe's got the right shirt on the the times. The Dynamo soccer stadium opened a week ago and the first game in the new stadium is May 20. The good news is that the Dynamo stadium is on the East side of I-59.
How about the four judges for the Best Taco in the World contest? They are METRO's George Grenias, Concilmember Ed Gonzalez, State Rep Carol Alvarado - who biked to the festival. The fourth judge, I do not know. I'll get her name later and add in.
Here's Diane Schenke, President of the Greater East End District, readying the taco contest judges. I like her hat.
Love this painting of Norma Zentano by Amanda De Rosario. Painted against the backdrop of downtown Houston as seen from the East - not as seen from Allen Parkway. And look at the RR underpass columns - part of East End Streetscapes.
What a good day. Drove home through Eastwood, and don't these giant trees look just like the ones west of here on North and South Blvd.? I'm glad I call Houston's East End home.

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