Sunday at Gas Works Park

What a Sunday in Seattle. Clear blue skies from early morning until sunset. Met Caroline, Steve, Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell at Gas Works Park at 4:00 for a late afternoon picnic on the hill over looking Lake Union, the Space Needle and downtown Seattle.
Dozens of folks up on the highest hill flying kites. Lots of sun bathers and Frisbee players. Very little noise, no music, just a beautiful day with hundreds of people scattered over the park's 20 green acres. I brought a 'big green salad' and Caroline brought a roasted chicken, still warm, chunks of fresh fruit and some left over baked halibut from her UW conference.
We did nothing but sit and visit and watch Lulu roll down the hill and Charlie play ball or rest a bit as he'd played a winning soccer game at mid-day. I missed it because I took Dad to church. 
Aside: Dad doesn't wear his hearing aids on Sunday because the 'right' caretaker is not there on Sunday to insert them in Dad's ears. Consequently, he hears nothing but the organ music, but he loves to go and if the folks he knows there converse loudly enough, he has a good time.
Sort of wish I'd taken the kids for a walk down by the lakeside, but I guess I really wanted to hear about Caroline's week long conference that she produced for a UW engineering professor. Apparently, the participants had a terrific time and the professor was happy. Good work.

Headed home to Magnolia about 6:00. The sun was lower and the sky took on a whole new look. See that expanse of Olympic Mountains. Earlier today I saw them as snow capped. At dusk, they become silhouettes. 
I've spent the evening packing boxes to ship to Houston. They're filled with books and fabrics and some of Mom's table linens. Kate will be over in the morning so we can finish a kitchen inventory and box up the cooking pans and utensils that grandkids didn't want. Two more full days in Seattle and we will be busy. I'd like to leave the house knowing we've catalogued everything and given lots away.
This day did not begin well. I called ES at 8:30 a.m. and he told me the airconditioning/water heater drain was running like a faucet from the pipe that juts out from the attic over a dining room window. Not good. ES turned off the water going into the heater and by afternoon, the drain had ceased to behave like an open faucet. 
I called two plumbers and hope one of them will answer first thing tomorrow morning. Then I called a Houston friend who said I needed to install a new 'water-on-demand' heater, so I'm on it as soon as a plumber returns my calls. Thank heaven the drain was working efficiently or we'd have had a flood in the library. Not good for the books. I fretted about the water heater until mid-day imagining flooding and gas leaks and all sorts of trouble. 
It's late and time to read some of the Sunday NYT and go to bed.