Idylls of Idylwood in Paper City

Awake very early this morning in Seattle, so I am in bed with laptop catching up on emails, Facebook and now Rockbridge Times, which I've suddenly noticed has no mention of, or link to, Idylls of Idylwood. How could that be? Since its publication in Houston's Paper City two weeks ago, I've had a really nice time hearing the responses of so many folks to that huge double spread of my domicile and its contents. Paper City's Catherine Anspon artfully intertwined my life and my possessions. Quite a feat. Photographer Jenny Antill shot really lovely and intimate photos of what my daughters call 'tableaus.' Laurie Perez shot the portrait of ES and me. As always, Laurie does capture the moment.
I just searched my laptop in vain for images of that brunch in 2010 when DeeDee and Harvey Bott brought Catherine Anspon to my house. We lingered at the table for several hours, all agreeing that our day was enchanted. Catherine vowed to return with a photographer and to write Idylls of Idylwood. When I return to Houston, I'll find those photos on a hard drive and I'll add them to this post.
Thanks, Catherine for a lovely story.
Now, it is time to I plunge into my day with more sorting and culling, another trip to Value Village to drop off a load of books and a visit to see Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell. I hear from their mom that they've been asking about Mameau.