House Dust and Sorting

There is a back story to this process of disassembling our parent's home. Yes, Kate and I are sorting and boxing, making a photo inventory, keeping in touch with John and remembering and recounting family stories that span two centuries.
At the same time, house dust is making a mess of me. My nostrils itch unmercifully, my nose drips on to my laptop and any other object south of my nose. My eyes sting and are sensitive to light, so I am squinting and/or wearing sunglasses.
Since childhood, a whiff of house dust does me in. Especially when it's 'new to me' house dust. Kate's been dragging things from closets and book shelves while I list and look, but dust finds my nasal passages and wreaks havoc.
Antihistamines make me sleepy. Factor in a change in blood pressure medicine that knocks me out for a couple of hours twice a day. And for the time being, I've stopped drinking coffee. Given all of this, it's no wonder I'm in a fog, bearing up, as it were.
The sun is brilliant outside and I should get out for a walk in Discovery Park. Clear the air, so to speak. Though, I understand folks are suffering from high pollen counts in Seattle. But pollen maybe better than dust?
This afternoon, I finished sorting Mom and Dad's books. The keepers are lined up on several book shelves for Kate's review. The give-aways are stacked by subject matter on the dining room table, again for Kate's review. Tonight we'll load the back of the car for a second trip to Value Village.
I burned a pot of rhubarb too, so the stove top and the blackened pot need to be cleaned. Or soaked for awhile.

This afternoon, I sorted through Mom collection of dozens and dozens of cookbooks. She read cookbooks for pleasure, picking one up like a good novel. I've perused the cook books she ordered from Sunset, McCall's, Southern Living, Martha Stewart, Country Living and Better Homes & Gardens. She ordered from Hershey's, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury.
Mom may have read about Asian fusion food, gluten free menus and exotic pilafs in the New York Times, but she remained a terrific old fashioned cook and a reader of recipes that were perhaps, familiar.

I am off for a walk. Hope the crisp air and blue sky clears my head and my nose. There's a lot more sorting to be done.