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Early Morning Notes on Scrap Books

Find myself wide awake at the unearthly hour of 5:00 a.m. with little chance of falling back asleep. So, on to my handy laptop.  After downloading my most recent photos of Mom and Dad's household belongings - the inventory goes on - it didn't take but a minute or two to check out the latest post on Style Bubble titled 'From Scrapbook to Screen' in which our blogger writes about 'Anna - needs no introduction - Dello Russo's' personal scrapbook. 

Apparently, Dello Russo's 'paper-based' notation system was 'utterly inspiring.' Here's  a real page from her real scrapbook, meaning 'not virtual.'After perusing photos of her scrap book, I think certainly she has a robust style. 
At the very least, her scrap book pages clearly illustrate the difference between old fashioned 'paperbased' notes and virtual versions like Pinterest and Flickr. And yes, I have Pinterest and Flickr 'pages.' I confess I've not been added anything to Flickr since I posted a series of photo triptychs several years ago.
From time to time, I fill real note books with notes and images. I am never truly happy with them as they never seem 'artful' enough. I wish the pages felt more like collages with quickly jotted ideas and commentary. I wish I could sketch and doodle with skill. I'd like to see watercolor washes on the pages. By the way, both ES and Beth have volunteered to teach me and I am taking them up on it. The sketching part will continue to elude me.
Fast forward to July, when Aggie and I will be in Paris for two weeks. She is brushing up (unintended pun) on her water coloring skills, which are already considerable and she intends to bring paints and brushes to Paris. We are talking about creating an "Our Trip to Paris and Environs" book with her sketches and my photos and plenty of word vignettes. Charming will be the word for it.
So, dawn approaches and here I am, lost in the notion of scrapbooks. And I am mildly chagrined that I cannot access images of my collaging and scrapbook efforts to insert in this post. The photos are all on hard drives and CDs in Houston. I really must get all of my 'stuff' up in a cloud. Second time this week, I've wanted particular images for a post. I do not yet have that encyclopedia in the sky from which to draw (another pun?).
Enough of all this. Thanks to Style Bubble for reminding me how much I love idiosyncratic notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries. Guess they are another form of tableaus?
Was this post all an excuse for not sorting more of the stuff in Mom's kitchen or perhaps packing some of the things I want to ship back to Houston? Might I have 'wasted' a couple of early morning hours here? Most likely.