Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cakes, Cakes and a Cake

Carrie is a baker. Has her own business called Carrie Made the Cake. So, of course, she made her own wedding cake and a deep chocolate groom's cake ornamented with succulents. Quite a cake. Carrie also baked a couple of other cakes. As you can see, they were well documented by my sister Kate during Carrie and Rob's wedding dinner last Saturday night.
Carrie also did something else. She had a small placard printed giving guests special information about that chunk of cake under a glass dome. You see, that cake under the dome is the left over cake from her parent's wedding in 1969 in Aruba. Frozen all these years and not the worse for being frozen. Old time fruitcakes do not deteriorate.
I'd forgotten what a beautiful cake it was. We didn't take photos of cakes and food in those days. The cake plate on which it rested belonged to my mother's mother, Della Hawn Bain and Kate sent it to Carrie for her wedding day.
At the family brunch on Sunday morning, we got to eat more wedding cake and we cut into what I think is a very sexy pink cake. Hurray for beautiful cakes. Even though I am off gluten, I can still photograph cakes.

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Kate said...

Those cakes were amazing. I can still taste that pink and white one...wish I had a piece right now. So good and so beautiful to look at.