Sunday, April 01, 2012

And the Grandkids

All four of my grandkids were here from Seattle for Carrie and Rob's wedding weekend. They got lots of water time at the fountains in downtown's Discovery Green. So much so, that they thought the fountain at Goode Company's Taqueria @ Kirby was a 'swimming' fountain too and they had to be dragged out by their parents. I took my three girls to this place when they were young so it's been around awhile and the good is terrific. As Jeanne said, "I love bringing my kids to a place I ate when I was a little girl." Charlie and Lulu Bell and I visited the Houston Zoo where I know the kids saw animals, but all I really took in was the preponderance of food concessions and strollers and the lack of really good signage. In all fairness, I forgot that we'd been given a map of the place when we bought our tickets.
The kids danced at the wedding just as they danced at Chris and Heather's wedding two years ago. And the little girls danced to every song the mariachis sang at the rehearsal supper. Lauren also twined her hair with crepe paper flowers. A sight.
They all had a very big time. And both Jeanne and Caroline took their kids by our long ago home near Rice U. A bit of history. And what a weekend.

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