Wedding Weekend Approaches

Tomorrow the family from Seattle arrives for Carrie and Rob's wedding. My sister Kate and her family, my eldest daughter Caroline and her two kids, my daughter Jeanne and her husband and two kids. All travelling together on one plane. My mother, if she were still on this earth, would be having a really hard day, knowing so many of her precious family was on a single flight. She'd pray all day for their safety. I'll think about Mom tomorrow and probably all weekend, as this grand daughter of hers, who looks so much like her, will be married.

I will be there at the airport to greet this travelling family. Caroline and Charlie and Lulu will come to my house. Jeanne and her family will stay with her high school best friend. My sister's entourage of six will stay in a hotel. I presume here others flying into Houston will be staying.

Then on Friday noon, I'll pick up Mary B as she arrives on a flight from Portland. Mary B has a choice of beds. She can share my bed or stay with her very best friend or stay with her very best friend's mom, my friend Sally.

By the way, ES has already taken his wedding weekend wardrobe to his studio where he'll bunk down. I must still pick up 1% milk and chocolate milk and cheddar cheese and Cheerios. There are fresh bars of soap in the shower and a stack of new towels.

I've removed the Mexican paper mache masks from the living room. Caroline told me last summer when she and the kids were here that they were frightened of them. I can understand why. All three masks were propped up in large ceramic urns/vases right at their eye level. They had to walk by them each time they left their bedrooms.
At last, though, I don't have to clear the entire house. Everyone is old enough not be interested in random plates of stones and shells, votive candles, stacks of magazines. They'll not climb on piles of books nor throw sofa pillows on the floor. Blessedly, they are all of school age with far greater horizons to explore than items on an end table.

I am ready and yet I know that I'll have forgotten crucial supplies, foodstuffs, a favorite shampoo, god knows what. But I am so happy that we are gathering, all together, for this wedding. Have we all prepared out toasts yet? We'd better get busy.


Kthomp827 said…
Writing from the plane of all things.. Bama is on the wing guiding us in safely. I can see her....well, if not see her then feel her. hi Mom. See you soon!