Thursday, March 22, 2012

They Are Here

Thirteen family members walked off that Alaskan Airlines flight at 6:00 p.m today. What a group. Six Mahers, four McGradys and three Hansen-Klebans. After Lulu and Charlie's car seats arrived on the carousel, both kids promptly made use of them as the rest of us had a very brief visit before going off in three different directions.
Caroline and I marched Charlie and Lulu to the parking garage, loaded two suitcases into the back, buckled in the kids and drove toward home.
Supper was a success. I pan steamed a big piece of salmon which all declared was very good and they ate every bit of it. They also liked the frozen peas, stir fried zucchini and chocolate milk. Frozen blue berries for dessert.
After dinner, Charlie read me 'Corduroy'. Sweet boy. Lulu spent the evening determined to play (meaning actively engage) with her mom on the couch and everywhere else.
It is now just after 10:00, or 8:00 Seattle time, and Caroline is readying both kids for bed. I hear her reading them a bedtime story. It is definitely the end of the day. And this wedding weekend is definitely underway.

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