Monday, February 06, 2012

Komen's Stance A Tipping Point

'Komen Incites Women's Tahrir Square Moment', writes Gloria Feldt, former CEO of Planned Parenthood, in The Daily Beast. Komen's defunding of Planned Parenthood and its subsequent mishandling of its decision has galvanized women nationwide to stand tall for women's health.
Feldt is right. The fervor is not abating. We are angry because women have been played, used and abused by Komen. They gave women pink ribbons and hope, while they pursued an agenda diametrically opposed to women's health issues.
Today, my daughter Jeanne sent me a link to a trailer for Pink Ribbons, a new documentary film from Canada about the Komen Foundation. Couldn't have come at a better moment. Here's the link to the trailer. We need to see that it hits our neighborhood theaters soon.
And just so you can get even more mightily angry, check out this article about Discount Gun Sales - maker and distributor of PINK P-22 'Hope Edition' weapons. Discount Gun Sales and Komen both deny any relationship with one another. DGS says they'll now donate part of the proceeds from the sale of 250 of these new pink killers to the American Cancer Society. Terrific news.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for the link to the trailer. I will be looking for the movie.