Komen's Karen Handel Resigns

Handel resigned and she did not take a severage package when she left, so I suspect we'll hear more from her. Handel's letter of resignation was published today by Daily Kos and she isn't backing down from her belief that Komen made the right decision to drop funding to Planned Parenthood in order to better serve Komen's mission. There are millions of people in this country who heartily disagree.
BTW, there is a fine article in today New York Times Science Section titled 'Real Race in Cancer Is Finding Its Cause.' I'd say so. The article, written by Susan Love, M.D., Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, mentions other organizations that are studying environmental causes of breast cancer: Breast Cancer Action and the Avon Foundation. The National Breast Cancer Coalition has set itself a deadline of 2020 to find a breast cancer vaccine.
Love concludes, "We should continue to speak up when we find that health care services are in jeopardy, but we cannot be satisfied with the status quo. We must move breast cancer advocacy to the next level, beyond screening for cancers that are already there, even beyond the cure, to finding the cause. That is true prevention."
Last night I listened one more time to the trailer for Pink Ribbons, a timely documentary on the Komen Foundation. Nancy Brinker's inital statement statement is about money. She says, "We have raised over a billion and a half dollars...." Well, that's terrific, but I tend to think that with that kind of money, we'd be further along finding not only the cures for breast cancer, but the causes.