Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fabric Atrophy and a Load of Plates

Early this morning we woke to a thunder storm crackling over the top of the house. Torrential rain. We need each drop that fell. The rest of today has been damp, chilly and dark. I determined to 'carry on' despite the weather and the heavy sleepy feeling that an antihistamine gives if it's taken too late at night. The antihistamine effect is over by mid-afternoon, but morning hours can easily be spent doing nothing at all if I don't exercise a bit of will power.
So when ES went to his studio, I went to Michael's - in the rain - to buy metallic rose colored pens that that will leave their mark on the vintage china plates I bought days ago at The Guild Shop. Yeah, I did it. Bought thirty-five pieces of well worn English china. Four sets of plates, dinner, salad, dessert and saucers, all hand painted in a rose metallic floral motif.
ES and I will play with these plates. I'll write cryptic little messages on some and he'll draw figures in love on others. Then we'll bake them in a low oven as per instructions. Our words and drawings are 'set' with heat. Dishwasher safe too, though I expect I'd wash these plates by hand. We will use them for entertaining friends and/or put them a new exhibition, i.e. Second Seating II.
Perfect dinnerware for this season of romance. I am speaking about Valentine's Day. However, I'd have bought these plates absolutely any time, because they are a bit weird.
I bought more than china writing pens at Michael's this morning. I also chose two embroidery hoops and packages of embroidery floss for making a fabric wall hanging that has, of late, been evolving in my head. Days ago, I found some chair cover fabric that was once red, but after a summer on my screen porch faded to a pale peach creame, except on the edges where the fabric was tucked under the chair frame. It is very distressed fabric with history and character. I recovered the screen porch chairs last spring and saved the faded fabric because I just knew I'd use it sometime. Of course.
Days ago, I read instructions about furrowing fabric with needle and thread. Perfect. I'll furrow with embroidery floss, ornament the entire piece with random beads. I have already decided to call this new work Atrophy. You can figure out why for yourself when you see photos of the work in progress and finished.
I have a bit more pinning to do and then lots of furrowing and ornamentation. The embroidery hoop will hold sections of the fabric together, as I conjur up embroidery stitches remembered from girlhood. Didn't we call learn to embroider back in the day?
So, I spent the entire afternoon playing with two faded chair covers. Here is what I saw and what I began to pin in place.
I also have a grid of nine distressed tapestry-like pillow covers on the studio floor. They were salvaged after Hurricane Ike. I owe a real debt to the interior designer who threw her sodden cache of sample fabrics out on the street after Hurricane Ike flooded parts of our neighborhood. I know the designer suffered a great loss, but I see great beauty in these distressed fabrics.
Many of the salvaged fabrics became the 10' x 14' foot patchwork table cloth for the banquet table at Second Seating. And now, the nine tapestry pillow covers will become one big piece. I have no idea where it's going at the moment. I am simply dropping various objects on to the tapestries. I am watching and waiting and thinking about how it will come together.
Tomorrow, I will write about all the other things that are happenng in the world and my world, like the Komen fiasco, Mitt Romney's blunder about 'the poor', my IRS audit, ES's new gallery and upcoming travels. I have plenty to say about all of these subjects. Later. ES is here and has a pound of shrimp to be boiled. He has a glass of wine to be sipped. And then.

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