Bloggers Nail Komen and Brazos Books Will Sell 'Breasts'

For some fun reading on the Komen Foundation from other bloggers, see the Reclusive Leftist. I'm glad I found her. Read Ordinary Mer and find another woman who just 'never liked Komen' and didn't know why. I'm with her. And then there's commentary from The Stir, noting how much money Komen has spent sing other smaller cancer awareness organizations for using their tag line.
And I just read a quick review of 'Breasts' by Florence Williams, coming in May to Brazos Books. Here's a paragraph from the Brazos Books E-Newsletter that takes me right back to the question "How about spending a lot of money and time and effort to find the causes of breast cancer? I'll read this book.

"Around midway through the book, Williams seems to find its true thesis: that we have thus far vastly underestimated the role of chemical contaminants in breast health. The author interviews a variety of breast specialists and puts herself through a barrage of tests in order to pin down exactly how hazardous our chemical-filled lifestyles are to our most sensitive organs. The answer, to say the least, is eye-opening. Every woman should be aware of the information Willimas presents in these chapters, and too few women are."