Writing On An iPad

It can be done and I love doing it. That is, I've spent the afternoon at the Gillman Subaru dealership, totally immersed in exploring my new iPad features and Apps. And writing text for a new picture book about those early January 2012 days that ES and I spent in Terlingua, TX.

I haven't even pulled today's New York Times out of its blue plastic wrap. Four hours of pressing my fingers on this iPad screen. I am crazy about it because it's not just for play. Pretty soon. , when I master the calendar and note taking apps, this flat well designed device will see me through my days. It has already joined my wallet, sunglasses and lipsticks in my green purse. So, the work on my car is not yet finished, but I am happy here, working away and sustained by a Pink Lady apple and Medjool dates.


Sharon said…
Sounds like a fun new toy:)

I enjoyed your comments over at my place. It's nice to hear from you.