Third Day In Terlingua

I am flat on my back on a canvas covered chaise on a stone terrace overlooking the Chisos Mountains. A fly is buzzing near us, drawn to the covered remains of lunch. I made a big salad in a plastic bowl that I purchased at the Cottonwood General Store in Study Butte this morning after we breakfasted down at the Posada Milagro Internet Cafe. 
We also spent a half hour at the Terlingua Trading Post. Saw two wonderful photography books on Big Bend and the folks who live in these environs. Both published by the University of Texas Press and both beautifully designed. Page layouts and use of type was part of their appeal. Did not succumb. Yet.
And now it is almost 4:00 and ES is painting three watercolors simultaneously. Mimi's dog with big brown eyes comes and goes, wanting affection and perhaps, a treat. There are no sounds except for an occasional pickup or motor cycle on the road below. Our days here remind me of those long ago summer days on that island in Maine. Very different surroundings, of course.  Maine is not Terlingua, but there is the same stillness, self imposed idleness and vistas that change moment by moment and make looking and seeing worthwhile past times.