Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Photographing With An iPad

Yes, the iPad has a camera and so one day in Terlingua, right there on the patio, we amused each other by photographing one another and the town spread out below us, the mountains in the distance and even the moon that crossed the sky in broad daylight. See the moon in the upper left hand corner? It was a good day.

I photographed light and shadows and incidentally ES painting watercolors.

And I photographed the Starlight on that last night in Terlingua. We finally got ourselves down the road to hear a little music and eat supper. A bit on the early side of the evening, but we still had reading in bed on our 'to do' list. ES finished Larry McMurtrey's memoir about growing up in Archer City. He read whole pages of it aloud to me. It was a good evening.

Here's the gate that leads up into la Posada Milagro. Some time it would be fun to bring a whole group of friends to Terlingua and stay up there together and cook dinner on the broad stone with the outdoor kitchen that looks out over the Chisos Mountains.

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