Adornment with Feathers

What a dreamy image. This student is part of a fashion spectacular in Florence that was art directed by Marc Ascoli "with students at the Polimoda fashion school in Florence...Ascoli's masterclass has resulted in this night where the students collaborated with Ascoli in taking pieces by the likes of Barbour, Brooks Brothers, Folk, Yuketen and Engineered Garments and putting them completely out of their context/comfort zone.  The inspiration points are of course pure David Lynch, derived from films such as his Rabbits series and Inland Empire , but the result is probably something more magical and uplifting than the Lynchian vision."
All of this from Style Bubble, that fashion blog I follow.
Lazy Sunday. The NYTimes remains largely unread, I took an afternoon nap and my allergies are in high gear - running nose, burning eyes. No pills working. It all simply is.
Have lots to write and show about Terlingua and the opening at Reeves Gallery last night with 50 of Dick Wray's paintings. Did some gallery hopping last night and ended with dinner at Haven. Hoping to post again when my nose is not dripping on the floor.