Saturday, December 03, 2011

Reinactment Photo: From Times Square to the Amon Carter Museum

This afternoon ES and I were crossing the parking lot for a visit to the Amon Carter Museum when a young woman approached to ask if we knew about a nearby civil war monument. We did not not. Turns out that she and her husband were on a scavenger hunt - for what charity, she could not tell me. She simply said, "We watch too much TV, so we decided to get out of the house today."
Then she paused and asked, "Have you seen this photograph?" Of course, we've seen this photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt titled 'V-J Day in Times Square' and taken on August 13, 1945.
"We supposed to take a photo of a couple kissing just like that." So ES and I obliged before we went into the Amon Carter Museum where we were blown away by the John Marin exhibition.

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