PRINCE in Tacoma

My sister Kate says it all in the blog post that she wrote late last night after we returned from the PRINCE concert at the Tacoma Dome. There is little more that I can add, except that I still love Purple Rain and that song always reminds me of a 1980s trip through Arches National Park in Utah. A friend and I drove into that park with Purple Rain at top volume in my light blue Cadillac sedan. Arches was the perfect place to hear that tape of Purple Rain when it was brand new.
"Remember the 80s?" PRINCE asked the audience before he swept into Purple Rain. Really. What was he thinking? At least half of the folks in the Dome were babies or not even born yet.

I'm glad Kate picked me up at the airport and that we threw my suitcase into the back of her car and drove straight to Tacoma. Wouldn't have missed that concert. Yet, by heaven, the sound was deafening and we both wore the ear plugs she brought along. I always wonder if there is a point where sheer thundering volume totally masks artistry and finesse or the lack thereof. Are volume and heavy heart stopping bass both qualities that draw in the audience? Are they simply expected as an integral part of the spectacle?
And guess what? The audience knew all the words to every song. They stood infront of their seats and waved and danced and sang and shrieked. They love PRINCE.
Right in the middle of the concert, Kate took a photo for her Facebook page and my daughter Jeanne commented at once, "How is it that my mom is at the PRINCE concert tonight and I am not?"
I looked out over the audience again and could see that PRINCE and Purple Rain have staying power. Jeanne was a kid at summer camp when I made that road trip to Arches. But somewhere along the way, she and that young crowd in the Tacoma Dome know that PRINCE sure can sing that song of his and we all love it and him.
Just not the earthshaking volume and bass.