And Where Did the Week Go?

Day after day after day is filled with errands and household tasks, errands and doctor's appointments and then, ever more errands.  All of this stuff is juxtaposed with visits with friends, time with ES and plenty of on-going emails and other communications.  There is never an end to errands or bill paying or reading the daily NY Times. I am canceling my subscription to the NY Times until mid to late January. I cannot keep up with it.
ES asked me last evening what I was going to do with that foot high pile of newspapers by the kitchen table. I told him I planned to read and sort through them before I fell asleep. So, my side of the bed was stacked with newsprint and I plowed through one section after another while he continued his long read of 'Absolute Monarchs, A History of the Papacy' by John Julius Norwich. It seems to me that he has been reading this book forever and has found it very intriguing. Sonny Garza is also reading this book. I know because at the last Gulfgate TIRZ board meeting, we spoke about it. How this book came up in conversation, I do not remember.  Perhaps after the first of the year, I need to get Sonny and ES together to discuss this tome?

Back to errands. Every couple of days, I make lists and find that I scratch through many of the items, so I do indeed get a sense of 'moving the meter' as Cindy K. used to say. But in the end, what is really accomplished? Do I get into my studio ever?  That new work keeps swirling in my head, unattended. This week, my studio became an item on my list:  clear and straighten after Sunday's successful crochet trunk show. Done. Last Sunday's trunk show at Mel's house was great. Twelve sales. I love to see what women choose. Takes me back to those selling days at Saks and Bloomingdale's. I digress a bit. Thank you, Mel.
Other items on my errand list: get myself to Ritz Camera in Rice Village and have photos made for some collages in my head that involve images of last year's trip to Terlingua.
Also want photos of me shopping at Buc-ee's that I can use as gift tags for a particular Christmas gift I bought for family members at this emporium of the highways.  Remember that on the way home from Dallas, we stopped at Buc-ee's in Madisonville for gas, a bottle of water and a pee. I was enthralled with Buc-ee's merchandising. They do it so well. They so know their customers. In Madisonville, I found a particular display of goods that appealed even to me, but only after we were well on our way again, did I think of family members who might love what was in that display.
So, this past Wednesday morning, I channeled my Grandmother Shirley May Keyes Thompson and with ES, got up early and left for a Buc-ee's closer to Houston than Madisonville. That would be just east of Wharton, TX.  There I would purchase Christmas presents for an ever expanding list. 

ES and I were efficient. We left at 8:00 a.m. and were back in Houston by 11:00 a.m. with goods in tow. Gramma T, sometimes it's a good thing to channel you as in "You an idea in your head, well, just get in the car and take off and go." I could say more about this habit of my paternal grandmother, but it's really the stuff of another post.
There were far more errands this week than the road trip to Buc-ee's.  Made a visit to G&M shoes, where my boots were not yet ready. I drove on to Texas Art Supply to buy mats for some of ES's small watercolors that I will take as gifts to Seattle. Picked up at prescription at CVS. Took two DVDs of photos to the director of the new Houston Permitting Center and while I was there, I checked to see that my photo ID works to get into restricted areas.  It does work, so after the holidays I can take more folks on tours to look at the art.
At Whole Foods, I picked up more bottles of kombucha and a head of organic cabbage.  I seem to be consuming generous quantities of both. Went to the bank to inquire about the need to open a business account.  The answer was no. My current checking accounts are working just fine.
These errands are interspersed with tasks at home: several loads of towels and sheets and clothes were washed and dried, meals were prepared and eaten, the dishwasher was filled and emptied three times, mail was sorted, the bed was made most of the time.  What else do I do in this house? I don't sweep the floors. Not good, but I don't.

Attended a Greater East End District board meeting on Thursday afternoon that was followed by their annual holiday celebration for the board and guests. Both Senator Gallegos and State Representative Carol Alvarado made an appearance. Very happy to see them at the district offices.

Also went to the UT dermotology clinic one more time. Got a hair cut with Kat. Twice called the opthomologist at Eyes Are Precious to see if she found a pair of Jean Paul Gaultier frames I left with her two years ago. She remembers them and I hope she find them. If I looked at my lists, I'd write more. Such was the week.
Today is Saturday and again, I set out on errands - punctuated by a very special visit to see Elizabeth's new baby boy. Yes, he's here and he's beautiful.
But first: an allergy shot at McGovern Clinic in Bellaire (this is a weekly errand). Picked up those boots from G& M Shoe Repair. Picked up photos from Ritz Camera in Rice Village. Bought olive oil at the Fiesta on Dunlavy, which by the way is directly across the street from the very new and fancy Central Market. I haven't darkened their door yet.
And then to Elizabeth's to see new baby boy Matthew or perhaps, Mettao. That visit will have its own post on this blog. Elizabeth and my daughter Mary B were babies together. Sally and I were nursing moms together. The Poe Cooperative Nursery School was born while we were both nursing. 
What an experience to hold this newborn and hear about his birth and remember when. I'll write more soon about this new baby in our extended family.

On to artists' studios on Hardy Street where I met neighbors. Catarina Williams was showing vibrant city skyline paintings again, many interspersed with animal cutouts. I love her turreted colorful castle-like buildings. Bianca Diaz was exhibiting some of her color photographs and there was Mary Lu de la Fuentes, proud grandmother.

While at the studios on Hardy Street, I found more work by Lowbrow Pilgrim, all of it bizarre. I bid on a terrific and weird piece of his at this year's Lawndale Day of the Dead exhibition, but when bidding topped $300 I stopped.  I love the way his pieces have moving parts and are plugged into the wall, cord trailing. Someday I may own one?

I am home now and just finished another cabbage salad with capers and Paul Newman's Caesar salad dressing. There is one more task ahead of me before I can even look in the direction of the studio. I must update my resume for a potential art consulting job. And that will take care of today's daylight hours.
This evening ES and I will have supper with Beth Collins Wray and then head to the Art Car Museum'sSeventh Annual Open Call Exhibtion.
Maybe tomorrow I'll give myself a few hours in the studio (really? after I update my resume?) and then pack my bag for Monday's trip to Seattle.