Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

It's early afternoon and much of Thanksgiving dinner is in the oven Mary and Queta are giggling on the couch and Huffington Post's on-line Thanksgiving song picks are giving us Americana soundtracks. We've checked in with most all the family. John picked up dinner for 20+ at Houston's Central Market and Tanner and Greg and the baby girls flew in from Florida. His house is full. They are all probably sitting around that big table in their dining room right now.
Called Dad at 10:30 this morning and told him what we were sauteing onions, parsley and celery for the stuffing, halving Brussels spouts, slicing smoked turkey. Mary picked fresh sage and thyme from their garden for the stuffing.
Dad is going to Kate's house for dinner at 2:00. Left a message for Kate. Mary made the mashed potatoes, loaded with butter.
Spoke with Caroline and she is preparing vegetable dishes and two gluten free pies for a repast with the McGrady's. Jeanne called twice this morning for stuffing instructions. Apparently Jeanne's already noted this stuffing-making process on her Facebook page. Queta carved up the smoked turkey. We agreed we should have cut into this turkey days ago.
ES spent the morning watching Jay and his contingent deep frying turkeys in his driveway. He'll take one of these fried turkeys to the Botts - they are probably eating it as I write.
And at this moment, Al Green is filling the house with his incomparable rhythms and soft voice sexy voice. Huffington Post - good for you for choosing Al Green for Thanksgiving.
Thank you universe, for all my family and that man of mine.

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