Great Day in Portland

Bright sun, blue skies, puffy clouds and golden leaves on the ground. Perfect day for just a bit of downtown shopping errands. Queta needed a new journal and while she searched for that, I found a 2012 daybook that includes not only weekly calendars, but space for numbers and notes at the end of each week, maps of cities like New York, Rome, London, Paris, Montreal, weather conditions, phrases in many languages. I like this little chocolate brown leather book.
Mary and I passed Popina's, Portland's own line of bathing suits. Who knew that I needed a new bathing suit, but I found one - deep royal blue with ruching across that bump under my navel. I did not buy a Popina swim suit, but another brand that they carry. In either case, I am set for anything that might take place on or near a beach.
Shortly after noon, we met Jeri at Pambiche, a colorful funky Cuban restaurant. Great menu - Cuban sanwiches, ensaladas, empanadas, croquetas, frituras and platanos. Plus lots of rice and black beans, camarones and pescado. So much to love.
We all split what we characterized as the best pineapple up-side-down cake we'd ever tasted. filled with coconut and ornamented with shaved almonds and glaze. Lots of music in the place and the mid-day sun made the colors in the room bounce. I'd eat there again tomorrow. There's a lot on that menu.
Went on to Jeri's house for more conversation and the chance to see how in love she is with her new dog Niko. She found him at The Humane Society and he is special.
Home before that early darkness set in, so Mary B and I took an hour's walk in the neighborhood. Streets are lined with trees losing red and orange and yellow leaves. Each block is beautiful. So now we are tucked in for the night and I suspect I'll fill another place with slices of smoked turkey, cranberry sauce and whatever else we happen to pull out of the refrigerator.