Earl Staley Open Studio

The photos and the paintings tell it all. Earl hosted his first Open Studio at 2711 Main St. last Saturday afternoon. Good crowd and lots of conversations. Felt like a salon and perhaps that is exactly what it was. Called on Felipe Sanchez to help out with wine pouring. He also took it upon himself to take postcards and give folks in the building directions to Earl's studio. Such a salesman.
Among the crowd were DeeDee and Harvey Bott, Bill and Ginny Camfield, Paul Camfield and his two girls, David Gray - who took two of the best photos of the day.
The list goes on. I am making this list largely for myself as my memory may give way to blankness. So here goes: Charles Krenzler, Joe Cooper, Susanne Kerr, Michael and Susan Leiberman, Leslie McManis, Paula Arnold, Sally Dwyer, Teodoro Estrada, Jose Solis, Barry Rose, John Thompson, Richard Stout, Rosie Zamora, Cad Willeford, Mel Gallagher, Jan Cato, Michael Berryhill and Lynn Randolph, Heidi Straub, Ellen and Paul Orseck, Jay Hargett, Catarina Williams, Janet Caldwell, Roanne Stern and Jeff and Martha Brailas. There were more, but photos may say more.
Here are the pictures, beginning with two from David Gray. He does catch the moment, doesn't he? This first one he titled 'Harvey Makes His Move.' I'll say.
And here are the rest of the photos of the day, beginning with Charles Krenzler absorbed, Earl with Suzanne Kerry and Leslie McManis, two authors in our memoir group. By the way, our book should be on Amazon before the holidays.
Here's Catarina Williams - and we didn't get to her opening over on Milam. Same day, almost the same times.
Now, this woman looks as if she had just stepped into the studio from one of the paintings on the wall.
By the way, the threesome above - Jan Cato, MMH and Cad Willeford were all neighbors on Shadowlawn way back in the day when we all had elementary school children. And by the way, Big Bend still calls to people so Earl pulled several out for a look.
I could not resist taking the photo below. From left to right: Barry Rose, Joe Cooper, Felipe Sanchez, Jose Solis and Ted Estrada, telling it like it is, to be sure.
And here's the man with his new 'no-eye-patch' image. We love the look. And he says the painting isn't suffering. Who knows where two eyes will lead, especially as one is off kilter.


Kate said…
Thumbs up!
Great photos! Congrats to Earl.