Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cindy Clifford Is 50 - What a Good Year

I have the feeling that Cindy's birthday party last Saturday night will be well documented. The party venue? El Real Tex Mex Cafe, that almost new restaurant that resides in the old Tower Theater in the heart of Montrose. Take a look at On the Beat with Mary Benton to see a lot of the party goers.
I met Cindy years ago when I was with the Greater East End Management District. We also were co-presenters at a Diverse Works Creative Capital workshop. Our subject was Artists and Media: How to Promote Yourself. This was just before Facebook and Twitter became part of our lives. What a different workshop we'd be giving today - or not. Social media has taken us all into a new world. But I digress.
Loved Cindy's party because, unlike the Art League Gala the night before, I knew a lot of her guests from those management district days. Got in some visits and the buffet was really good. Good Tex Mex is in a class of its own.

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