Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebration: Jobs Well Done

On November 4, we celebrated the twelve artists who created 'artful interventions' for the new Houston Permitting Center. For more commentary and photos, click on this link. Mayor Annise Parker joined the celebration. It was a happy evening.
In the photo below, I think I am describing the recycled timber bar code ceiling. Looks like Mayor Parker, Cathy Hubbard and I are looking in that direction.
My brother John was there too. I always invite him so he knows what I'm doing, or have been doing.
Mayor Parker and Cathy Hubbard meet Dean Ruck and his wife and Robert Wray and Beth Wray (obscured in this photo), but she's there.
Couldn't have put this event on without Martin Chavez from the Greater East End Management District. He set up the sound system and the slide show. Thanks to Martin and George.
And here's the man, cheering us on. And it's the last day he wore his eye patch. He's going free now and painting just as well as ever. Who knew? But that is all for the next post.
There are way more photos on Artful Interventions blog. Enjoy.

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