The Show Girls I Dreamt of Being Long Ago

Scrolling down through today's emails and found these photos on Flavorpill which they call rare color photos of circus show girls from the 1940s and 1950s taken from The Circus Book: 1870-1950.  I am struck that each woman appears a unique individual, especially when compared with today's celebrities who all seem to have the same make-up and hair and perhaps the same plastic surgeon. Especially love the image with folks in the background wearing regular street clothes. The first time I went to a circus was in 1950 in Watertown, NY at the city's fairgrounds. The Big Tent was set in a field just like those in which these show girls were photographed.

Seeing these women in their costumes reminds me of why I always wanted to get up on a trapeze and ride an elephant while wearing tall feather plumes. Well, the trapeze happened last month in Seattle. I am still waiting to straddle an elephant for that triumphant walk around the ring.