Sunday, October 02, 2011

Screen Porch Sunday

Another perfect screen porch day - and evening. Weather blue and the doors are again, wide open. I haven't gotten out of my robe and it's early evening. Plenty of time to read Sunday's New York Times and Houston Chronicle.  I made a conscious decision not to do 'work' or focus on writing screen script for my continuing studies class at Rice U. Yeah, I signed up for a screen writing class this fall. Want to learn how it's done. Thinking about adding to that memoir piece that I wrote a year ago, turning it into a novella in three parts. And then taking a leap to screen script. A new endeavor.
All this said, the day has been off balance. Or I have been. And so have the several people I've talked with today.  Two folks we spoke with on the phone sustained bad foot injuries. What is that about?  Are we all a bit out of balance? I feel a touch of floating melancohly. Can't shake it, though I believe I know the cause of my flatness and I will dive right into it on Monday to clear the air. And this sense it could also be the planets, lined up just so, giving folks this low grade dullness. Maybe.

In any case, I am trying to shake it - and make a TO DO list for Monday. Beginning with a visit to the paint store. Felipe comes at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning to pull weeks and prune and then I am hoping to get him painting the exterior wall on either side of my dining room doors, so I can see violet and plum/peach from the screen porch.  I predict that swaths of color will give the flagstone patio a greater sense of place. So will lots of little white lights woven through the vines. All is not lost. A little Netflix could take care of the evening.

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