Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Events and Why I Attend Them

Still more of this week's events need to be chronicled. The evening at Saks Fifth Avenue was but one of several. On that post about my experience at the charity event at Saks, I asked why do 'folks go to such events'.
So, to be fair, I will tell you why I go to 'such events'. And then go on to another. And yet another.
On Tuesday, I attended the Houston Parks Board luncheon in a large tent set before the reflection pond in front of City Hall. Beautiful, brisk, windy day. Mayor Parker spoke about her love and passion for parks and green space.
The space under the tent was jammed. Affair Extraordinaire's food was lovely and I enjoyed visits with the guests at Patsy's table and with at least a dozen other folks.
On Thursday evening, I attended the East End Chamber's 16th Annual Awards Celebration. The Greater East End District even won one of their awards. Hurray.
Again, I saw several dozen folks with whom I was happy to share conversations. I'm not crazy about listening to the speeches or in this case, eating not-great food, but I wouldn't have missed the occasion. As for seeing the program which listed the event as the 16th Annual Awards Dinner? Well then, it was sixteen years ago when I planned the very first awards dinner with Cliff Dieterle, who was the Chamber board chairman. I was the chamber president at the time and I remember we were pleased that 75 people showed up. This year, nearly 400 filled the Marriott South's ballroom. That first awards dinner seems a lifetime ago, but some of the players were still in the room last Thursday evening.
At noon today, I stopped by State Representative Carol Alvarado's birthday party in Irma's new restaurant/sports bar addition - that would be the same metal building where I produced Second Seating two years ago. Irma's made a great new space. And still the same wonderful Mexican food. Happy birthday, Carol. Here I am with Carol and her mom Ida Alvarado.
And here we are, Irma and MMH. And below, a photo of Lolita, Yolanda and me. And the photo below that is of Monica and Teri. And of course, there is Irma's terrific buffet.
So, let me tell you why I go to all of these varied events that take both time and energy. I go because I always learn things I need to know and see folks with whom I need to connect. I catch up with folks from organizations with whom we partnered when I was President of the Greater East End Management District. I keep up with people in the East End and throughout the larger Houston community. I learn what I need to know in order to be effective at 'getting things accomplished'. With short and often abbreviated conversations, knowledge is shared and business is conducted. As Cindy Kimmey used to say, "Today, we moved the meter."
Events bring people together on common cause and then it becomes so much easier to get things done because you know who to call and who to ask for just about anything. So, thank you all for the invitations. It was a very good week.

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