Exotic Shoes Reflect the 1%

Bill Cunningham's photos of shoes worn on the streets of New York reminded me that shoes and the feet they cover have been reflections of culture for a very long time. The painfully bound feet of upper class Chinese women are a case in point. Tiny lotus shaped feet were erotic to Chinese males and proof that their women were privileged and need not be mobile enough to work.

Could this season's strange, beautiful and impractical shoes really be a representation of the 1% of Americans for whom labor is not an issue? These exotic shoes certainly couldn't be worn for very long by the 99% percent  who are on their feet all day as teacher, burger flipper or doctor.
Click here to listen to Bill Cunningham's comments on this season's shoe explosion.


Interesting observation about shoes. I like practical shoes that look nice. Funny...I was just reading about shoes, specifically Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz. I happened to buy a copy of the book years ago and discovered that the book version has Dorothy wearing silver slippers. The movie version changed it to the iconic ruby red version.