Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Evening Affair at Saks Fifth Avenue

Words will not do this evening justice. It was a total photo op night. A friend emailed me to say she'd put me on a list for this evening's charitable event at the Galleria's Saks Fifth Avenue. I won't mention the charity, because the photos I took and the experience I had have nothing to do with the charity's good works. And perhaps that is exactly the point.
I went because there was another artist book signing for Paper City's Texas Artists Today, that beautiful, very heavy, oversized, glossy, silvery coffee table book that is the first of two volumes. Sure hope Earl V. Staley makes that second volume.
I wandered through the aisles with a sweet vodka cocktail and then a glass of Chardonnay, ate a bit of sushi and a few tiny tortilla cones stuffed with salsa. There were no heavy laden buffet tables.
There were make-up artists and a photographer (I had my portrait taken and I have one 4x5 print). I saw a lovely lady in a low-cut shrimp pink dress who cut silhouette portraits.
I meandered along the silent auction table and actually bid on a two-night stay at The Greenbrier, a luxurious resort hotel in West Virginia, because I thought if I won, Earl and I might actually take that driving trip from Texas to New York State.
Young women were wearing VERY HIGH heels like the ones that Carl Cunningham photographed for last Sunday's NYT. They appeared to be walking in them too.
I watched 7 or 8 artists featured in Volume 1 of Texas Artists Today autographing their book pages. Here are artists Susan Plum and Harvey Bott and the book's creative director Titiana Massey. I wished I'd brought my copy along to get a few more signatures.
I saw two uncomfortable looking bare-chested Houston fireman meandering about, each carrying an expensive black handbag. Who put them up to that? Why weren't they signing a new 2012 calendar instead, if indeed, there is one this year. Or perhaps they weren't Houston firemen?
I roamed the shoe department where I gave Prada high marks, especially for these sparkly pumps and an unusual pair of boots.
Then I figured it really was time to head for home. The pictures say it all. I am not sure why folks go to so many of these events. Is it because friends ask them to contribute to a worthy cause? And is it also because we have no plaza publicas in this country in which to parade in the evening and gossip? A bit of both?

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