Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dio de los Muertos @ Lawndale

Lawndale's 24th Annual Dio de los Muertos celebration opened last evening. Hundreds of artists submitted retablos for a silent auction, the proceeds of which go back to the individual artists and to Lawndale programming.ES and I went with Beth Wray, and yes, she sure is good at parking that little VW of hers in small spaces.
And yes, for the second time in a week, I actually bid on a silent auction item. I won that first auction item at the Saks Fifth Avenue even on Wednesday evening. I did not win this funky, wonderful and weird piece by Lowbrow Pilgrim.
This intricately filled box has a central figure that turns unendingly round and round because the piece is electrically wired and simply plugs into an electrical outlet. Bits of colored glass and lots of strangeness. Where would I have put it?
Food was sure good at Lawndale too. LOVED the cookies from Goodie Bars.
Earl and Beth were captivated by the series of small aluminum retablos with skulls hand drawn on Shrinky Dink plastic. We discovered that the retablos were made by 3th, 4th and fifth graders at the East End's DeZavala Elementary School.
And - I believe in synchronicity - DeZavala's art teacher was suddenly standing beside us as we pondered those dozens of retablos. We introduced ourselves to Jean King who told Earl that she'd used an old skull postcard of his as an example for the kids when they began the project.
After minutes of conversation, it was decided that Earl will visit her classes and the kids can teach him how to draw on Shrinky Dink plastic. And he can talk to them about being a painter.
Reminds me of the day way back in the 1980s when the girls were at Lanier Middle School and I asked George Smith to come and talk to the art classes about his work as a sculptor. I still have an old audio tape of his presentation. I need to find that tape and listen to it again.
Perhaps we'll make a video of Earl with the DeZavala kids?
Earl painted a skull and a mermaid on a beach for his Lawndale submission. Wonder who bought it? I quite like that it's on a beach.
Beth, Earl and I went on to another exhibition, but then suddenly, we were tired and came back to the house for boiled shrimp and salad. But we couldn't have been that tired, because we talked at the dinner table until nearly midnight.

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