Well, we did it again. Organized that four generation family picnic in Discovery Park. We flew kites and blew up balloons that made frightful buzzing bee sounds, ran the kids far and wide over that big hill and played with a foam football.
We happily ate my sister Kate's divine black berry cobbler ever, grazed on slices of Queta's smoked ham, green salads, red cabbage and beet salads, brisket, curry dip, Goode Company pecan pie (a treat John brought from Houston), mini cupcakes, potato salad. It was quite a spread and quite enough to fuel much activity. 
The picnic ended as it has every year with the little girls building a fort with the parasols.
 Lots of photos. Seems that one can fly a kite in decent fashion and take a photograph too.
Here is sister Kate with Heather, that terrific new daughter-in-law. And John and Trish came from Houston for the weekend. Yeah, I said it before - bearing Goode Company pecan pies.
 Dad love the picnic. He was with his family and they were in robust form. He got a few hours away from that quiet adult family home where most folks are beyond real conversation. I know Dad had a good time.
And here we three siblings are, enjoying the 'familiness' of the picnic, watching the kids and their kids, loving that Dad is having a fine afternoon. We may also be thinking ahead toward that Sunday night dinner at the Brooklyn Steak House.
Our view overlooking  Elliott Bay was magnificent this year. We could see the Olympic Mountains, blue in the far distance.  The sky was bright and cloudless. The breeze was suffused with a slight chill, the sun bright and the shadows long. Truly the end of summer day in the Pacific Northwest.


Sharon said…
Discovery Park is definitely one place I want to check out when we get out to Seattle to visit our son who is leaving Thursday for grad school at UW. Maybe next spring....