I Miss Hillary

Three summers ago, I posted My Heart Is Still With Hillary on BlogHer's website after the Democratic convention when Barak Obama took the nomination and Mom and I watched it happen and were both filled with lamentations. Yeah, I supported Obama, still do. But that night my heart was breaking because of who we lost when Hillary called it a day.
Now, we struggle with Obama, want him to stand up to bullies and ideologues, to be more strategic always. I am wishing Hillary was at the helm. So much might have been different? Still bruising, no doubt, but Hillary would have played differently and after all, she has Bill in the background offering advice and strategy.
Hillary would have summoned all the power of the Office of President and brought it to bear on real problems in real time. How different it might have been.


Sharon said…
I have had these same thoughts in recent weeks. Sigh.
Kate said…
Me too.