New Orleans: Race and Religious

Do I believe that I am at last in New Orleans on a trip that a good friend and I have had planned for almost two years?  Kathie loves New Orleans and drives over from Houston often, spending a couple of days every month or so soaking up the soul, the music, the ambiance. It seems eons ago that I said I'd like to see 'her' New Orleans.  
And then a year ago, my brother chimed in after attending a wedding in New Orleans, "There is something in New Orleans I want you to see. You'll love it. I am not going to tell you what it is.  Kathie can show you."  It was a secret and neither of them would ever give me one clue.
Well, I am here now enjoying the 'secret' that John knew I'd absolutely love. He was right. We are staying in an and 1836 brick home that sits across a courtyard from one of only five original Creole cottages in New Orleans. This compound of sorts has been lovingly pulled into the 21st century and is named for the streets just outside its walls: Race and Religious. 

The houses are all totally  tableaus extraordinaire. And I'll tell you one thing.  I am installing a lot more funky lights inside and outside of my house when I return to Houston. I love these little vintage lamps that give off about 20 watts of light. I love the strings of white lights under the kitchen counter behind the rows of white platters and plates. I am remembering that I bought funky lamps and lights in Turkey and I need to get those out of the closet and outfitted with amber and pink bulbs.

 And doesn't that look like a strange and funky rendition of Picasso's portrait of Gertrude Stein over the couch in the living room? Every time I look over at the painting, I see Gertrude Stein's demeanor.

Here we are, settled in for the night with Jane Fonda's new book 'Prime Time' and Jody Seay's memoir 'Dead in a Ditch, Growing Up on Texas and Other Near Death Experiences.' What's not to like? 
And how are these for a couple of chairs?  In the living room?
Tomorrow, New Orleans. Heaven help me. There are antiques and really funky stuff in New Orleans.