Friday, August 05, 2011

We Live in Racist Times

Political correctness has gone by the wayside. Fox Nation made note of President Obama's 50th birthday with this headline, "Obama's Hip-hop BBQ Didn't Create Jobs." WHAT? Here's a story about responses to this headline in a Washington Post blog by Elizabeth Flock:

"Slate blogger Dave Weigel pointed out that while a DJ spun some hip-hop at the event, none of the musicians who performed were actually hip-hop artists.“Fox Nation could have gone with the ‘Jazz BBQ Doesn’t Create Jobs’ hed, I guess, but why not cut to the chase with something like: ‘Uppity Blacks Eat Soul Food and Laugh While You Hunt for A Job You Can't Get Because of Welfare Queens, Affirmative Action, and Carjackers,’ ” Weigel wrote.

"Fox’s choice of headlines and the stories that they emphasize seem designed to attract and encourage racist commenters,” Media Matters wrote, citing such recent Fox Nation headlines as “White kid beaten up because of slavery” and a headline similar to Friday’s that read, “Obama bringing Motown to White House ... boogey down!”

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