Sunday, August 21, 2011

Donors Trust Karl Rove and American Crossroads

And here it was, buried toward the end of the NYT article "G.O.P, Looks to Rebuild Bush Fund-Raising Machine.' those sentences that said big Republican donors are giving to the Super PACS, like American Crossroads, determining that they could trust Karl Rove to give them a big bang for the buck." Indeed.

Here are those several paragraphs that caught my eye:

"A. Jerrold Perenchio, the billionaire founder of Univision, was a Bush Pioneer in 2004 and a national finance chairman of Mr. McCain’s 2008 campaign. Mr. Perenchio has not yet donated to any of the Republican candidates, but in April a trust he controls donated $2 million to American Crossroads, a so-called Super PAC founded by Karl Rove, Mr. Bush’s former adviser.

"Some Bush alumni said they believed many former Bush donors had decided to cast their lots with Mr. Rove early in the cycle, rather than with the still-fluctuating Republican field.

" 'I don’t think the Rangers and Pioneers aren’t playing, I think they are playing in a new way,' said Mark McKinnon, a former Bush strategist. 'My guess is that many of them have determined their money is much better invested and spent in the Super PACs. A lot of them know and trust Karl Rove to give them a good bang for their buck. So that’s where their bucks are going.'

That's enough food for thought for this evening.

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