Road Not Taken: Kamali Took That Road

NormaKamali6Click this link for a really nice interview with Norma Kamali, that American designer who found her own fashionable, practical look that we loved in the 1960s. Here she talks about finding her own way back in the Jackie Kennedy era and what she is creating for us right now, today.
The thing about Norma Kamali is that she was bursting with ideas when I was losing myself. Moving with a new husband from New York to Texas and betraying a personal business plan I'd held dear since early high school days.
There is also something else that Kamali says in this interview that got my attention. The interviewer says to Kamali, "I told you I am a big vintage collector and have a handful of your pieces from the '80s. Do you have an archive of your own stuff? Any other designers you collect?" And Kamali's answer? "I had a warehouse of 20,000 pieces, but I sold it all to a vintage store. Now the styles are having a second and third life. I was told many were purchased by designers, so the styles seem to live on, even if under another label. I am convinced, though, that by letting go of everything, I felt freer to do new things and look forward."
And it seems that I am now beginning to make up for lost time. At age 69. I won't be designing clothes, but there is something on the way. I'm blocking out time for it as we speak.