Pat Buchanan Did Not Apologize

Pat Buchanan spoke of his own President of these United States as 'your boy' when he was being interviewed by Al Sharpton. Sharpton was shocked and did a good job calling Buchanan on his racial slur. All Buchanan did in response was chuckle. Take a look at this MSNBC segment.
Buchanan's apology the next day was no apology. Amazing that people can still make such a racist comment without consequence, except that their remark feeds into folk's general anxieties about an African American president.
Buchanan and Sharpton's entire exchange became an exercise in sports metaphors. Is that what it all comes down to? A boxing match with a winner and a loser? If elected officials and commentators think and speak in sports metaphors, then it's all about a game. In these times its become a blood sport.
What happened to elected officials thinking about their constituents and how to make the country a better place in which to live and work, if you have a job, that is?
It's all about the game. Listen and hear the framework in which they play.