Friday, August 05, 2011

Lurching Between Political Angst and Fashion, Family and Friends

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may be wondering of late if I have a split personality. I post rants about the state of affairs in Washington and my fears and rage about the direction in which Republicans are taking this country. We are like buffaloes being driven off a cliff. Who is in charge here? Not us. Not President Obama.
And then I immediately write about a design blog or a book filled with fabulous images. And I show those images that appear to be from another world. I write posts about family, art, food and friends. More worlds.
One part of me that is hitting a deep low and feeling that the only thing I can do to is to write my way through the anger and sadness and helplessness I feel about the nasty, bullying politics that are leading our government far, far away from being "by the people, for the people, of the people.'
Is posting on Rockbridge Times really the most productive thing I could be doing? Not really, unless I was hooked into Huff Post or had 10,000+ readers of my own. I am contemplating writing letters to editors and op-ed pieces both for print and on-line sites. If I am serious and feel 'that bad', I ought to begin writing for sites where the readership is greater.
Yet, there is another part of me that wants to stop reading newspapers in print and on-line. Then, perhaps, I'd stop conjuring up responses. Then, perhaps, I could savor this moment when I've completed a year long project that I know is a good one. Show it off. See friends again. Take a break.
There is still another part of me that is looking toward the studio, because I have ideas in my head that need to become collages and books and quilt-like fabric montages. And I have words that need to become the second and third parts of the memoir piece I wrote months ago. This part of me is expanding. I can almost feel the fabrics and photos in my hands, feel the shape of the memoir expanding.
But, at this very moment, I have once again succumbed to these time draining activities of answering emails and blogging and meandering on-line. Takes up hours every day.
It is suddenly 10:30 a.m. Already. What's the best use of this day? I'm lurching, that's for sure.

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Cindy's Coffeehouse said...

I feel that same lurching. The politics and economics of our time are emotionally draining. I'm repulsed by what's going on in Washington, DC. So after I learn the bad news of the day, I want to do something where I feel I have some control. So now I'm weeding out my home office to literally make room for the new in my life, while keeping what's essential for my soul.