Lunch With Wondrous Women

It's is almost 9:00 EST and I am out on Jinny's front stoop borrowing a neighbor's Internet connection. The cicadas and crickets are singing, the evening is clear, cool and damp. Today was Wondrous Women day.
Several times each year, Virginia Avery's friends from Westchester County and from across the Hudson gather for lunch and laughter. And white wine. They fill the table with food and fill Jinny's screen porch with energy and big heartedness. Today, as they arrived, they were surprised to find the back door locked. The front door, however, was open. So they entered the front hallway, followed by a walk down the hall, all of them wondering about that back door. Jinny wondered right along with them until I said, "I locked the back door last night before I went to bed. " I followed with this explanation, "I'm from Houston." Heck, I sleep in a locked house with the alarm on, simply because I don't want any surprise intruder, ever. Not that my neighborhood is racked with burglars and thieves. But, I am my mother's daughter. I take precautions. Jinny's lived in this house on King Street since 1951 and I'll bet she never locks the doors except when she leaves town.The table was quickly covered with quiche, salads, shrimp, cheeses and fruit. And then Jinny said, " I think it's time for a drink." So the wine bottles were opened and glasses filled. And let the conversations begin.
Almost twenty women swept around the table and then out to the porch for lots of talk about work and families and politics and craft, books, lack of skill with computers, men, husbands, significant others, living alone and liking it just fine and remembering several wondrous women no longer on this earth.
Here's a photo of Jinny and Lois and below that are photos of Beryl, Julie and two Pats and Louise. I"m missing someone in this list. Suffice it to say, the women at this table had lots to say and I am really happy that Jinny got us all together.
Here's a photo that I couldn't resist taking of Virginia's and Beverly sandals against the red kitchen floor. Beverly is that creative woman who designs wool and chenille fabrics and has jackets and capes and coats made which she sells at craft shows. I am the happy owner of several of her jackets and one fabulous patterned wool coat. BTW, almost every one of the women at this lunch are engaged in fine crafts: mosaics, felted scarves, crocheted wearable art, appliqued wall hangings. Several years ago at another of Virginia's screen porch luncheons, each of us brought samples of our work. The Wondrous Women are loaded with talent and highly honed skills.
At the end of this afternoon, the house was again quiet. The guests stashed dishes in the dish washer and hand washed some more. We put leftover in containers and Jinny and I will have enough to eat for two days. The refrigerators are jammed.
The late day sun shone through Jinny's Indian tent at the western end of the big screen porch. Good place to read a book or not. Good place to sit and contemplate the expanse of green lawn and the black walnut wedding tree. Good place to say to the universe, "Aren't friends just grand?"


Rusty Mujer said…
Loving your posts and the glimpse into your life and visit with Jinny. Hugs to all.