Monday, July 11, 2011

Morning Time Before Joining the Children

It is so, so nice to have wifi at this beach house. Not that I've posted much on Facebook, but if you follow the blog, I've shared quite a bit about these sunny days in Galveston. It's now just after 8:00 a.m. and I am awake, hearing conversations on the floor above. My bedroom door is closed and I've decided not to join the fray just yet. I've been going through emails and found this from Style Bubble and had to share.Marnifoulard

Super use of prints. What is not to love about this designer's use of prints? I think I'll give you the link to the entire Style Bubble post because she talks a lot about U.K. festivals that sound like nothing here in Texas. Houston has art festivals and the annual International Festival, but the last time I went to one, it was nothing like the one that Style Bubble describes here.
For those you may not click on the link, here in her own words is Style Bubble:

"Am I suppose to feel like a proper dunce that I haven't been to a proper 'off for long weekend' festival this year? No Coachella/Glasto/Primavera action for me thus far. Fashion muscling in on festival turf has been accepted conduct in the UK for the past few years when high street stores now create specific collections for the festival season. Email alerts telling me that a certain type of bead is so 'hot' for festivals this year or that you can pee easily with specially-designed rompers/onsies start flooding in from around April.

"The trouble is that the intensely beast-esque sizes of certain festivals have always put me off a little bit. Secret Garden Party was a viable option until I inquired too late, found it was already fully booked and realised that SGP has probably grown into a beast too since the last time I looked at it. To fill the festival hole, I'll be heading down to the unorthodox lit festival Port Eliot in St Germans, Cornwall from the 21st-24th July for a quieter experience. I went in its second year of inception back when I was at uni - a hazy experience of riverside lounging, smallish but lively talks around the beautiful grounds and house of Port Eliot in St Germans and lots of Kings of Convenience on the iPod (oh and tickets were £40 for the weekend).

"Port Eliot has grown but not to beastly proportions. Instead, it has broadened in its genre scope to add elements of art, horticulture, food and fashion to its literature roots. For 2011, the 'Wardrobing Department' of the festival has been curated by Sarah Mower, as ambassador for new talent from the British Fashion Council in addition to other fashion performances and talks..."

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