Mario Wii Protocol

"Am I cool? Am I cool?" I hear Charlie upstairs playing with Earl's grandson Tavo.
"Look out."
"Watch out, watch out."
"Oh, now I see. I never even tried that." Charlie is loving this. Tavo is loving this. These are two little boys engrossed in Mario Smash Brothers Brawl.
Earl and I left the house at 11:00 to take Charlie on this special rendezvous. Caroline pulled me aside in the driveway as we were leaving to say, "Charlie asked me about bringing a Wii game to Tavo's. In Seattle, when the boys have play dates, the guest takes a Wii game as a present."
Like we take flowers or a bottle of wine to a supper party? So, we asked Charlie. Did he want to stop at McDonald's on Woodridge or CVS on Griggs to get a game to share? What would he choose to do? He decided not to take the requisite Seattle gift. Turns out it is not protocol in Clear Lake.
They've been at it for over an hour, totally engrossed. Let the games continue.
Tavo was beaming when we arrived and the two boys raced up the stairs to begin the games.
Happy day.


Mary said…
A happy day!!