Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like Minds

Lovely to discover another blogger who cares about the stuff I do. Received a comment from Cindy @ Cindy's Coffeehouse Blog, liked what she had to say about my post 'Scrub That Counter Or Weep'. Then I logged on to her blog and read her most recent post which a worried commentary on a story in a 1969 LIFE magazine. Apparently the wealthiest in our nation have been getting incredible tax breaks for at least four+ decades. We can't seem to put a stop to it and certainly the current Congress has already given away the store.
I perused Cindy's Blog Roll and surmise she probably eats gluten free. I am making efforts in that direction. I see she's written a book called "It's Not Personal" with a focus on the sandwich generation and how to care for a needy elderly parent. OK, another common interest.
So, I guess I need to follow writer's blog. And thanks to Sharon, that blogger in Maine, who drew us together.
And I will confess right now, I tend to lose followers because I write and write and forget to engage in back and forth conversation with my readers. I put it down to my very busy days. But it might just behoove me to stretch a little and see what's happening to fellow bloggers who log on to Rockbridge Times. You think?

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Sharon said...

So glad you two have found each other:) That's the best part of blogging. I've read Cindy's book of good, practical advice and am in the process of writing a review.