Just A Few More Words and Pictures

Here we are throwing day old bread scraps to the gulls. Reminded me of when the girls were little and we fed gulls on South Padre island. We fed them for so long that they began to poop all over us. You have to know the right moment to stop throwing those pieces of bread and broken crackers and depart the scene.My daughter is constantly connected. And her iPhone never gets wet or even sandy. How is this?
Becky and Graham throwing a Frisbee. Becky and her husband travelled the world playing this game professionally. Way back when. Here's Becky overseeing Malcom in the baby pool.
Another pool in this place is called the Lazy River. And the same Becky and Malcom took in this pool too. By the way, big brother Graham made 40 laps around the Lazy River. Without a tube.
Here's the great science experiment that was performed on the beach last evening. Another of Caroline's entertainments. Take a liter of Diet Coke, add as many Mentos as possible and stand back for a geyser. We had three liters so we had three opportunities to scatter or be covered with sticky Diet Coke. Although, Caroline says that Diet Coke is less sticky than regular Coke. Well, that's good news.
Here is the voice of this blog.

P.S. One last mention that has nothing to do with beach or pools. How many children eat cherries like this? Kind of like those squirrels and birds that take one bite out of a fig or a kumquat and drop the remainder to the ground. Would you say? I finished each of these cherries off myself.