It Rained Today and Other Events

Hard short rain and high winds late this afternoon. A big gust blew a large branch off the tree in the ravine. The front side of the house now needs to be cleared, the branch sawed and bundled for the curb. The storm was intense. Hope that wetness is soaking in. Lovely to see sheets of rain. Lovely to see gushes of water coming from the gutters.
I am off to the airport later, must later, this evening to pick up my eldest daughter Caroline and Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell. They arrive just before midnight from Seattle for a two week visit. How these two children will survivie Houston's heat remains to be seen. Charlie gets sweaty when the temperature reaches 70 degrees. Guess we'll be spending a lot of time in various pools. I've got several staked out, including my niece's over in the museum district.
But first, we will all go to a Galveston beach house for a long weekend with Caroline's high school friend Becky and her two kids. I plan to give myself to the experience totally. Got my bathing suit out of the bottom drawer and tried it on. Not too bad. Bought lots of fruit and vegetables today. Thinking about taking my Cuisiart. But it's heavy. Better yet, I'll email the owner of this beach house and ask if she has a blender. That would take care of a couple of cold raw summer soups.
BTW, July 4th was lovely. Earl and I went to Vic and Bobbie Samuels' for their annual Independence Day picnic. I remember playing bocce on the Samuels' front lawn twenty-five years ago.
That tells you how long they've hosted this event, that also includes a volleyball game in the street, lots of small children in the pool, barbecue or fajitas and so many, many friends and their adult children and now the grandchildren.
Below are Ginny and Bill Camfield, Natalye Appel and John Casbarian. I learned that John Casbarian was in Earl's first class at Rice U. That would be in the early 1970s. Ties go back a long, long way.
Here are Bob Birenbaum and Terrylin Neale. Below, Bobbi Samuels and Steve Kleinberg.
On July 4, we have a chance to catch up with one another, eat too many sweet desserts and head on home without watching fireworks.