Advanced Style: A Blog To Love

I am loving Advanced Style, the blog that loves stylish older women. Here's Carmen Einfinger, an artist profiled in 2009 in one of Advanced Style's first posts.
And how about Elizabeth Sweetheart who made the blogger's cut in May 2009. Here's a woman after my own heart. She loves green. Even her hair is green. She's worn only green for seven+ years.
Love Marilyn Sokol's look. She's gorgeous. It's about spirit and delight in life and color and motion
I am adding in Virginia Avery here. I'll nominate her as an Advanced Style pioneer. She's played jazz piano for over 50 years, right in her own living room with eight other musicians, for starters. She's a wearable art/quilter extraordinaire and a simply wondrous woman.
And I like Advanced Style's post "The Couple That Styles Together Stays Together." Who else can I possibly be thinking about here?
P.S. Photographer Laurie Perez does it again - what a good picture of us.