Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday At Home

Friday at home? How refreshing. Doing some work on the project, but also wandering about the house, thinking about what needs to be done to get ready for Caroline and Charlie Bean and Lulu Bell's visit next Wednesday. Also decided in the cool of the morning to take the big clippers and go after errant plants that are completely out of control. Uncover those stepping stones that meander through the garden near the front door. Can't have small children stumbling through jungle-like overgrown iris and paper plants.
I littered the ground with pruned branches. Then I accidentally jammed the end of those big clippers into my right palm just below my thumb. A wicked plunge, it was. Almost an inch long. A lot of bleeding.
How careless of me. I ran cold water over my hand and then staunched the blood with a towel and managed to undo the packaging on two bandages and apply both to my hand. It's sore, but I think it's closed up now. I am grateful that I don't bleed profusely, that I don't seem to need stitches and I assume healing is already taking place.
I know it's weird to put a bleeding hand photo in this post with the green and artful garden photos that follow, but that's the way it happened this morning. A rush of pruning, an accident and then a second look at the a wilting green leaf and its environs.
I couldn't resist photographing that huge leaf of the giant lily. I think it's a lily. Some years it blooms. That leaf looks more beautiful as it wilts than it did as part of the plant rooted in the ground.
And seeing that beautiful leaf with its folds and deep greennesses, reminds me of why I love Earl. He'll absolutely 'get' that green leaf and I hope it is still in some remotely beautiful condition later today when I can show it to him. We do have similar sensibilities. And just look at all the other wonderful things I saw in the garden this morning.
A honey bee buzzing through the coralita vine, the screen porch beckoning. And looking really shady.
Mexican painted pots on the tile top concrete table that Gladys Teer made long ago and Earl's ceramic skulls.

Enough of the garden. It's now in high-heat until sundown. I am off on errands. Delivering project invoices to Houston Arts Alliance. Payday will be wonderful when these invoices have worked their way through the system.
Getting an allergy shot. And perhaps I'll stop at Spec's for a fifth of rum - thinking of summer drinks and Aruba. Must pick up a pair of prescription glasses that were repaired and have been waiting for me to retrieve for weeks and oh, I will buy some avocados for more cold, raw summer soups, which by the way are terrific. Cucumbers, zucchini, avocados, lettuce, basil all mixed up my 30-year old Cuisinart which is getting a workout lately.

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