Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Saturday In Pictures - So Far

Awake this morning at 8:00. Earl went off to his studio and I set out for a 10:00 a.m. brunch at Mayor Parker's home, where I made a contribution to her campaign and received several 'Our Mayor' temporary tattoos.
Some folks immediately applied those tattoos. I am saving mine for other occasions and plan to apply the image just under my throat where I usually wear very big beads.
Lots of doves in the mayor's neighborhood, lots of dappled sunshine and mature live oak trees.
Large crowd at Mayor Parker's home. Never saw so many folks I do not know. But there were a few whom I did know. Had a nice visit with Steve Parker, an East Ender who updated me on his renovation of the old Tellepsen home in Eastwood. Saw Nory Angel and Karen Niemeier, both East Enders too. This is not to say that I only know folks that live in Houston's East End. Just happened to be that way on this occasion.
Mayor Parker greeted everyone in the sun room off her brilliant red dining room and when I left after 11:00, she was still greeting folks one by one and hadn't delivered a speech of any kind. Lots of breakfast tacos, orange juice and coffee and a jovial crowd.
The mayor told me that she plans to visit the new Houston Permitting Center this coming week. I think it may be the first time she's seen it since the AIA gala in April. I hope she just loves the place.
Because I knew so few folks, I found myself taking photos instead of engaging in conversation. Focused on strappy sandals and high heeled shoes, of which there were plenty. Lots of interesting clusters of feet.
After the mayor's brunch, I stopped by The Guild Shop. Couldn't stop myself. It was jammed with shoppers. I found - and bought - an interesting vintage mirror shaped like a crescent moon that is at least two feet long. It will be great used horizontally as part of a montage.
From The Guild Shop, I drove along Westheimer over to High Fashion. Saw lots of preparations all along Westheimer for the Gay Pride Parade tonight. Last time I went to the parade was with Mary B, Daniel and Marion when Mayor Parker was a city council member. That's history. All along the parade route, folks were gathering, sitting in folding chairs under umbrellas with coolers by their side.
Ostensibly, I went to High Fashion to look for pillow patterns. I want a pattern for ruched ruffles, so I can have pillows made with the old 'Made in Italy' tapestries that Mom bought by the dozens in Aruba in the mid-1970s and which I found in the garage in Seattle. Earl took some of these machine made tapestries with Venetian and French scenes and superimposed some of his small paintings onto them.
They are bizarre and totally weird and will be perfect as couch cushions. However, there is no pattern for ruched ruffles in Vogue, Butterick or McCall's. I'll have to search on -line or make it up myself.
However, I spent all too much time meandering through aisles of fabrics and when I saw bolts of silk in particular colors, I thought of my daughters, their prom dresses and senior girl's formals and got teary eyed.
I miss my girls. Not one of them settled in Houston. I'll not be moving anywhere any time soon, so I'll just keep flying to the Pacific Northwest and every so often, they will fly back to Houston. Actually, Caroline will be here with Charlie and Lulu, arriving on July 6, for whole two weeks. Now, two weeks is a real trip home.
It sure is hot out today and Houston's summer skies are brilliant. I feel as if I could reach out and touch those heavy cumulus clouds. Caroline always used to say that big skies filled with puffy clouds were what she missed most about Texas.
Now at home. Will have a few hours of quiet before Earl and I get ready for Gonzo 24/7 and Carolyn Casey's wedding at 7:00. And that is another blog post.

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