Friday, June 03, 2011

A Must-Read: The Man Behind FOX News

The Rolling Stone profile of Roger Ailes delivers a remarkable picture of the man who runs the largest and most successful propaganda machine in U.S. history. Every time I listen to FOX news - which I admit is not often - I am astounded to hear what is considered 'news', but is not news at all. Most of the words I hear, along with the body language of the newscaster or 'expert', is all OPINION. Editorial opinion.
Who among the American public can tell the difference between news and opinion? Read and weep and then think of ten things you can do to encourage authentic news broadcasting. It is my understanding that even Republicans listen to PBS and NPR. Perhaps we can all begin by giving financial and moral support to these two media outlets. They offer both news and opinion, and with them, they tell you when it's one or the other.

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